Insights by Ray Dib

Bugger The Banks

Rate increase of .46%! That's just rude. I received a letter from my bank a few days ago, advising that my interest rate is going up a massive 0.46% without any story! Normally they provide a bullshit story with the letter to make it more palatable and entertaining...

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Extending or rolling over your interest only loan

What you need to know.It is important to understand that all banks have varying policy when it comes to wanting to extend or roll over the interest only term, some slightly varying and some dramatically. It is also important to know that policies change on a regular...

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Switch for a brand new bicycle?

What you need to know. At Switch Finance, we can refinance a mortgage to a sharper deal, including the required funds needed for a new mountain or road bike, without increasing current mortgage repayments. We’ll most likely lower them instead! We believe in providing...

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